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Land space 4 000 m²
‘Property H147H’ falls within the category of ‘tourist lodging’.  It consists of five (5) luxury residences, each one with its own swimming pool and parking space.
The property has a reception area, fully-equipped food preparation premises and a non-equipped independent wellness area (spa).
The residences are located on the main road of the traditional community of Akrotiri, overlooking the cliff (‘Caldera”) of Santorini and with a full view of the sea, the old and new volcano islands, the island of Thirassia and the whole west coast of the island including Fira and Oia.
The residences are built on two adjacent pieces of land. More specifically, residences A1, A2 and A3 are located on Plot A with a total area of 2.006,87 sq.m.,  along with designated exclusive-use spaces, communal corridors and parking spots, while residences B1 and B3, as well as the reception area, the food preparation premises and the independent wellness area (spa), are located on Plot B, with a total area of 2.000,59 sq. m., with designated exclusive-use spaces and parking spots.
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Santorini Akrotiri